Basso Konos Blue Orange


Alcide Basso is very proud of this “speed weapon”. We have create a machine that can stop time, this is what he said when the final project was ready to be tested.
New geometries and tube shapes to lower the Cx factor. Monolithic integrated “stem/headtube/fork as a solid bloc to avoid torsion, aerodynamic shaped straight fork legs, fully adjustable (width / lenght) position aero-bar with extra light weight rising spacers. You will pedal to penetrate air without any friction or turbulence.

100% Torayca High Modulus Carbon Fiber in T700.


Top Tube: UD Carbon 45°/0°/90° 3K with reinforced sections. Seat Tube: UD Carbon 30°/0°

Bottom Bracket: UD 45°/0° 3K flat with reinforced sections

TT-DT: UD 30°/0°. SS-CS: UD 45°

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