Santa Madre Oatcake bar Cookies-Chocolate


Delicious gluten-free oatmeal energy bar ideal to take both between meals and during sports practice.

This energy bar flavored with Chocolate Cookies is differentiated by its original flavor, based on original flavors in the most popular desserts and cakes. Despite this, it has careful ingredients, gluten-free and without palm oil. OATCAKE BAR is rich in carbohydrates and uncoated which makes it an ideal snack for during sports practice.

Nutritional Content  BY 60g

Energetic Value  1123 kJ / 268 kcal

Fats  10,5 g  of wich Satured  6,56 g

Carbohydrates  40 g  of wich sugars  19 g

Proteins  3,13 g

Salt  0,01 g

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