As I set about writing this account I realize the idea had been conceived while still in the saddle, and the memories come flooding back, the smells, the sounds, the atmosphere, even the very tarmac below my tyres! Climbing high above the coastal groves, where the Plane trees (Πλατάνια) grow thick along the roadside and... Continue reading →

“A bike for all types of cycling experience” After riding the Felt Breed 20 the biggest takeaway was that it’s a bike that offers the rider the best of all worlds.  Before we jump into what makes the bike the way it is , let’s see what components you get right out of the box. …

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ALBA Optics  want to bring the iconic shapes of the past back to life, adapting to the latest modern technology.  The DELTA sunglasses frames are custom made using an original refurbished mould, designed in Italy back in 1988 preserved for nearly two decades. The ALBA team stands behind athletes who strive everyday to improve their sport performances and to make... Continue reading →
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